LETTER: Greyhound fallout sad state of affairs for many riders

LETTER: Greyhound fallout sad state of affairs for many riders

(Wikimedia commons)

Apparently, Greyhound bus service has lost $70 million over a period of six years and will cease operating by October.

People on northern bus routes have been without service for sometime already.

And now, thousands more people are angry and frustrated that their only way of commuting will end when their health and life depends on dependable service. 

How many lives have been lost on the “highway of tears” for lack of services and money?  How much for a human life?

Until an intelligent solution will be found/adopted, why not add a billion dollars to B.C.’s $66 billion debt, or to the $657 billion federal debt, and restore all essential bus and other lost social services?

Doesn’t the $70 million loss by Greyhound sound rather like peanuts compared to the massive debt that Canadian taxpayers are burdened with?

The debt, which exists on paper only, can never be repaid as we barely pay the $33 billion federal annual interest, and is owed to whom?

Sadly, there seems to be no effort being made to research for the root-causes. Why do we still have poverty that drives people to steal from other working people? Why is there increasing homelessness, opioid crisis, teen and old-age suicides? Why are we still arguing over needless dam and pipeline projects, and why is there the inability of academics and politicians to solve these problems? 

Gunther Ostermann, Kelowna