LETTER: Get in on the tenancy act

LETTER: Get in on the tenancy act

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Everyone should have a landlord tenant act booklet. I believe you can get one at the government office, and the people with computers can get all the information online.

People are putting up with all this B.S. because the shortage of housing. The landlords think they can get away with anything, and they are (black mould, rats, etc.)

Phone the health department or  building inspector. Do not pay your rent until these problems are rectified.

I have been a homeowner; I rented my basement suite out to a military dude in Moose Jaw. Three years he was in my home and not once was I in his space. You need 24  hours to enter your tenant’s space.

They always find a reason not to give you your damage deposit back.

Make sure you do your inspection of the rental unit with a witness. The landlord has two weeks to get your damage deposit back to you with interest; it’s your money that they hold.

There are two sides to every story. When your tenant is destroying your property obviously you have every reason to evict these tenants.

Landlords have rights and so do tenants.

Crystal Clear, Oliver


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