LETTER: Dog park needs policing

LETTER: Dog park needs policing

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Bylaw enforcement – who is it and what does it do?

I was always under the impression that they were to enforce the bylaws of our wonderful little community. How wrong I was.

A simple explanation would be Oliver’s dog park, home to unregulated dog running, unsupervised without tags or more important vaccinations which are the duty and responsibility of dog owners.

My dog and I visited every day until it became obvious that no one cares. Picking up others’ crap is bad enough, but excrement with an assortment of parasites is a little too much.

If the village really intended to create a park for all, they better police it. Or was this just an attempt to pacify our visitors and to hell with the taxpayer?

Enough is enough. Town council should be held responsible for the actions or inactions within the community.

Walter Colk, Oliver


  1. Why is our oh so overworked RCMP officers working this park when so much serious crime is afoot in our community. When will our politicians realize that overworking these people only contributes to the issues that we all consider very serious, like car theft, shootings, and the disappearance of our possessions.
    Apparently the city has contracted with an outside agency to handle the by-law enforcement tasks. Spoke to a by-law person recently. This person freely admitted that they had never seen a copy of the by-laws in print or digital nor had they had any training with respect to the dog issues……. Great job city hall.
    Michael Guthrie, Oliver


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