Letter: Damn kids want us to move – not a chance

Letter: Damn kids want us to move – not a chance

An earthquake was recorded 18 km northwest of Oliver on Sunday morning. It was a magnitude of 2.6 according to the U.S. Geological Survey. (Photo by Dan Walton)

My first wife and I are in our mid-70s. I am semi senile, my first wife is beautiful and we live and love in Oliver.

Our two lovable, adorable children are in their mid-40s. My opinionated married daughter and our single son both live in Kamloops.

We see them a couple of times a year . . . most years anyway.

My lovely daughter recently gave my first wife and I a friendly family “pep talk.” It went as follows: “Hey listen, mom and dad, don’t you think it’s time you both started thinking of moving to Kamloops to be closer to your kids?”

She said there are quite a few nice retirement homes not too far away where all the seniors have lots of fun playing bingo, etc., and we would see each other more often.

“Then if one of you dies, the other one wouldn’t be left so alone, and you could sell your house in Oliver and get rid of a lot of clutter.”

She offered to help us move so they wouldn’t have to worry so much about us. So what do you think?

A  deafening silence ensued. I took a long pull on my Merlot and the cat went and hid under the bed (that should tell you something right away).

As calmly as I could, I advised my opinionated daughter and her single brother that “Me and mom don’t plan on ever dying, and that I personally will never ever go into a retirement home; I would die first!” And if they want to see more of us they should up and move to Oliver.

My lovable opinionated daughter, without blinking, said “Dad! Hello! What about our mom? What does she want to do?”

My first wife said, “Your dad and I have been married and together for over 53 years; that is not going to change. And if and when I am left alone I will worry about it then.”

Well, since that endearing family talk my wife and I have gave it some thought and have reached our decision. Screw the future and all of its uncertainty. We are going to live one day at a time in Oliver, where everything is familiar, where our doctor lives, where our friends live, where we are happy and content and safe.

We are going to spend our savings on a “bucket list” vacation,’ and then in the future when the end is near for us, I will go out and buy us a really nice car on our line of credit and then let the family worry about paying for it.

Don Smithyman


  1. Sounds like a plan to me Don, hope the family see it the same way. My wife and I haven’t been together quite as long but we are doing exactly the same thing.