Letter: Cop glad he’s retired in view of workload

Letter: Cop glad he’s retired in view of workload

(Richard McGuire file photo)

Mr. Pat Hampson raises a number of points on a regional policing model that I think deserve a serious look by the incoming councils of our surrounding towns.

I feel the need to speak up to defend our local members on one point. Mr. Hampson says that he frequently sees three officers north of town on Highway 97. I see them too and can tell from their car numbers that they are members of provincial Traffic Services.

Traffic Services do not work inside city limits. A lot of their funding comes from ICBC and they have designated traffic priorities.

There is nothing anyone can do to make those members respond to criminal files in Oliver or the regional district. They are usually fully staffed and their only job is traffic enforcement on provincial roads.

From talking with local officers there has been a big push for patrols of the town. I think people need to keep in mind there is usually only one patrol officer working in Oliver.

If people want that officer on patrols for property crime, they can’t be parked at a stop sign.

When you only have one person and the priority is property crime; then yes, there will then be a decline in traffic enforcement. Don’t take that out on the patrol officers who are just trying to keep their head above water.

I’m glad I’m retired because I cannot imagine how hard it is for the girls and guys on the road right now.

If people read about a traffic related enforcement bonanza (riding a bus for cell phone users or coordinated check stops for cannabis) these are done by Traffic Services. It does not drain resources from the Oliver RCMP detachment.

Cpl. Sean Miller (retired), Oliver


  1. Hey Cpl. Miller…… Thanks for your service to our country and our town. It’s hard to do the job without the required manpower. The whole time I was in the RCMP the Province, cities, and towns I was stationed in were always, and I mean always, short manpower. I believe that will never change. Detachments will always be short man power. Sadly, a fact of life I believe. I agree with your article, and, again, thank you for your service.

    CST. Daryl Wilkison Reg.# 27981