LETTER: Chief Louie’s speech right on

LETTER: Chief Louie’s speech right on

Chief Clarence Louie from the Osoyoos Indian Band had a lot to say about crime at last week’s forum at the Oliver Community Centre. For one thing, he would like to see the names of all offenders, regardless of age, published by the media. (Lyonel Doherty photo)

After attending last Tuesday’s meeting on the state of crime here in Oliver, we have a few comments to make.

First, wow! What a turnout of people.

However, we noticed a couple of people missing. Where were Linda Larson and Richard Cannings? Our two government reps were not there. Unbelievable!

The speeches were all very good, but one in particular stood out. Chief Clarence Louie made an unbelievably good speech. Everything he said was what everyone was thinking. Perhaps he should think of running for one of our government rep’s jobs. He would certainly get our votes.

Now, it was too bad there were not any of our judges present to explain to us why they let so many criminals out of jail, only to soon be caught again. Many have very long records.

The people deserve better than this. Where is the justice?

It is obvious that more manpower is needed to help the overworked RCMP here. Perhaps our missing government reps should be making this a top priority, or are we asking too much?

Brian and Joyce Davis, Oliver

(Editor’s note: MLA Linda Larson attended the forum but did not stay for its entirety. It was noted that MP Richard Cannings could not attend because he was busy on his “Ride the Riding” tour.)


  1. Linda Larson was in attendance.
    Judges let people out quickly because our legal system is based on precedents. It’s how the system is designed. In order to change this, new laws need to be created. This isn’t something done by judges, it’s done by politicians.
    But where was Mr. Cannings?