Letter: Ask the question

Letter: Ask the question


Is a doctor working the emergency ward in Oliver’s hospital or Penticton hospital worth the same pay as one who works VGH , Vancouver general emergency or St. Paul’s?

Is a “postie” delivering mail to rural Oliver and Cawston as overworked as one delivering to Vancouver or New Westminster?

Is a firefighter in Penticton or Kelowna subject to as much peril as one fighting fires in the Lower Mainland or White Rock?

Is a miner working far underground at more peril than a logger falling trees on a mountainside?

This silly comparison goes on, but hey, allow me to continue.

What about a copper in Penticton compared to a copper in Vancouver? Or a copper in Chicago compared to one in Omak?

Is a pilot working for Air Canada any more important than one flying for WestJet or British Airways?

Is a nurse more important than a social worker? How about a busy waitress compared to a busy receptionist?

This silly comparison has gone far enough, but hey, it’s getting late so bear with me a tad longer.

A bus driver or a truck driver; who’s more important? A regular teacher or a special needs teacher?

A banker or a lawyer? A realtor or your mechanic?

Okay, I am done … you have suffered enough (if you hung in there). But my point is it’s they who employ you that discern your worth.

And of course, if you disagree, you have two options: either you move on in disgust of your poor remuneration and benefits, or do you prove to your employer that if you quit they are far worse off without you?

Ask yourself, honestly. If you owned your own business, would you employ someone exactly like you?         

Don Smithyman