LETTER: Alternate approval process is ‘trust’

LETTER: Alternate approval process is ‘trust’

(Photo: Deborah Pfeiffer)

The alternate approval process applies to those who own property in town also.

It’s a matter of trust.

If you trust the RDOS enough to allow them to enter into contracts and authority to act without your consent you may want to talk with any resident of Willowbrook.

If you then still feel that trust, do nothing and bear the financial consequences of your inaction without comment later.

Understand that registering your vote against the alternate approval process will not end the project, it means that the plans and budgeting will have to be brought to referendum for approval and by that you will have some oversight on how your money will be spent, how much any plan will cost, and how you will be taxed for them to get that money.

This is not just the rural area, this applies to residents who own property in town. You have a vote in this also. Many do not understand that.

When they see the RDOS logo many feel that it only applies to the rural but that is not the case and any resident who owns property is eligible to vote on this.

For that reason these forms should be made available in all town offices as they are not the easiest things to find online and as this is the busiest time of the year for most property owners a trip to Penticton is not viable for many.

I also feel that limiting this to property owners only may not be reflective as if you rent residential or business properties these taxes will be attached to those rents but that is a matter for a discussion at a later date.

Rick Knodel, Willowbrook


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