Let’s keep Oliver clean

Let’s keep Oliver clean


 As a resident of this fine small town for the past eight years, I spent a great deal of my time walking the various number of paths and trails the town has to offer.

The most unsettling discovery on my travels is the abundance of litter. This is highly discouraging to me and I’m sure as well to the many citizens of this community.

With over 40 wineries, two championship golf courses and a world class race track (just a few of the amenities Oliver has to offer), trash is the last thing tourists want to remember.

So every day you go for a walk, take a small garbage bag and pick up some waste along the way, and place it in some of the many dispensers available to the public. I believe there could be more along the sidewalks in town, but that’s up to the town to rectify. 

It’s up to the citizens of this beautiful town to take care of it, to eliminate any possibilities of negative feedback from the many visitors who stay or pass through our town. 

Help keep Oliver trash free.

Clint Clifton, Oliver 


  1. We pay good money in taxes for maintainance and our town does a good job at getting it done. Let’s get behind then, take some pride in our town and pick up litter of you can and dispose of it in the towns waste bins.Another thing we can do as good neighbours is point out to someone who simply drops litter and ask them if they could help you pick it up. If approached the right way it is amazing the results you will get. Happy New Year and a neater one I hope.