Launch showcases Oliver’s new branding

Launch showcases Oliver’s new branding


By Vanessa Broadbent

Oliver Chronicle

Oliver’s new branding was released at the end of July and an official launch outside Town Hall Thursday morning showcased the community’s new look.

“I think it’s quite exciting,” Mayor Ron Hovanes told attendees. “We decided that we would put forward one of our strategic plan priorities to look at the branding of Oliver, the Wine Capital of Canada, and see what we could do to refresh that.”

Along with the new logos, banners showcasing Oliver and its community events were on display.

The banners are set to be installed around town shortly, as well as upgrades to the Town’s entrance signs.

“The really nice thing about it is at the end of the day we don’t just get a report, we got some tangible stuff that we can put up in the community,” Hovanes said. “Our banners needed refreshing so I think it was money well, well spent.”

The project was funded by a grant the Town received for over $49,000 and was spearheaded by Tony Munday of Munday Media & Design, who Hovanes said has “done a great job.”

The branding committee’s work started in January and included working with the Town’s Downtown Revitalization Committee, community outreach and workshopping.

The committee drafted seven very different versions of a logo for Oliver, but ended up choosing one similar to the Town’s existing branding, Munday said.

“We refreshed the colours, we fixed some of our font issues,” he said.

The project also included changing Oliver’s tagline from “Wine Capital of Canada” to “Canada’s Wine Capital.”

The inclusion of secondary taglines, including “Born of the Water, Blest by the Sun,” “Cultivate a moment,” “Our roots run deep” and “A vintage for every taste” are intended to highlight Oliver’s other industries.

“Of course we do have a strong wine connection but our cultural heritage to agriculture with our ditch is also very important,” Munday said.

Up next is for the Town’s website to relaunch with the new branding, as well as an image bank with photographs of Oliver that the public can use.

“If people need promotional images for your business or anything about Oliver, you’ll be able to get in there (and) give credit to the photographer,” Munday said.

So far, the image bank has just under 1,000 photos and a photographer has been contracted to work the rest of the year, capturing each of Oliver’s seasons.

“We have had positive feedback on the refreshed brand and community members are excited to be seeing the improvements to the community welcome signs and new pole banners,” Munday said.


  1. I would like to see Oliver invest in the Wine Industry . . . not just the word.
    Possibly attract a wine institute and/or wine museum . . . more than just words.

    Bob Parker
    Rural Oliver

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