Larson versus Daylight Savings: Round 3

Larson versus Daylight Savings: Round 3


Dan Walton
Oliver Chronicle

Linda Larson hopes she isn’t wasting her time again by trying to end Daylight Savings in B.C.

In her third kick at the can, the local MLA will be presenting a private member’s bill to stop the province from adjusting its clocks every spring and fall, if similar legislation is passed in California and Washington.

“California and Washington State are both going through a process right now to stay on DST year-round,” Larson said. “It would be prudent that B.C. follow, as they are our biggest west coast partners.”

But unlike her first two tries, this bill would eliminate an hour out of existence forever. If enacted, the clocks would leap forward in the spring one last time. And then they would never be adjusted again.

That’s what’s being suggested down south.

It is an economically advantageous to keep British Columbia in the same time zone as those U.S. states, she said.

And almost everyone else is doing it.

“Seventy nine per cent of the world’s population doesn’t switch clocks, so there must be a reason for that,” Larson says. “The idea for this bill originated in Grand Forks, where municipal officials put this resolution forward at the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention in 2017 and 2018. The people in my community have been quite adamant about making this change.

One thing to keep in mind – unless Alberta ends its practice of Daylight Savings, the neighbouring time zones of Mountain and Pacific would have a two hour difference during the winter months.

US President Donald Trump has since voiced his support for Larson’s idea.



  1. That doesn’t sound correct. If BC stops the time change as of now and Alberta continues on with it, both will be on the SAME time in winter?

  2. Thank you for your commentary and reasoning for this change. Certainly would be good to have the same time zone as our southern neighbours.