Kindness Rocks spread positive messages

Kindness Rocks spread positive messages

Grade 5 and 6 students from Oliver Elementary School, including Emily Bidmead (left) and Arsdeep Gill, recently completed a Kindness Rocks project where they painted rocks with positive messages and distributed them around Oliver. (Vanessa Broadbent photo)

By Vanessa Broadbent

Oliver Chronicle

Thanks to students at Oliver Elementary School, you may have noticed positive messages pop up around Oliver.

It’s all a part of a Kindness Rocks project that students in Marji Basso’s Grade 6 class and Lana LaBlanc’s Grade 5 class completed on Friday.

“Kindness Rocks is a way for us to spread kind words and actions to our community,” Basso explained.

First the students took a field trip to a dry creek bed where they chose their “canvas.” They then painted a positive message on the rock and placed it at a location in Oliver that they either had an appreciation for or saw as a valuable asset to the community.

For Grade 6 student Arshdeep Gill, whose rock reads “never give up,” that was the Oliver Theatre.

“I like watching movies a lot. That’s why I put mine at the theatre,” he said.

Grade 5 students Esha Tung (left) and Payton Matthews show their completed rocks. (Vanessa Broadbent photo)

Grade 5 student Esha Tung chose to leave hers at the Oliver Library because she loves going there and finding books.

She’s excited for library patrons to see her rock and read its positive message.

“It shows that you care for someone else.”

However, the rock may not be there the next time Esha visits the library. The project is intended to be interactive and the community is invited to relocate any rocks they find to a place in Oliver they value.

Grade 6 student Emily Bidmead is excited to see where her rock ends up.

“We could find our rocks anywhere in Oliver. It would make me glad that someone has a happy place here too.”

Basso intended for the project to help students recognize the power of positive messaging while appreciating what the community has to offer.

“We invite Oliver to discover our rocks and relocate them to other places in our town that hold a special place in our hearts.”

Students in Mrs. LaBlanc’s Grade 5 class recently participated in a Kindness Rocks project. (Vanessa Broadbent photo)


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