Kids raised by gaming devices

Kids raised by gaming devices


Betty Brown from Interior Health hit the nail on the head when she said too many children are being raised by electronic gaming devices.

Our youth interact more with these machines than with their parents, which is sad.

Many of us parents have first-hand experience with this troubling situation. Like a drug, our children are addicted to their iPods, iPads, Nintendo DS systems, PS3s and Xbox 360s. We practically have to wrench these devices out of their hands before they stop playing them. They don’t want to eat, talk, play outside or do anything creative; they just want to move little characters around on a screen. And we wonder why so many children are obese, illiterate, unhealthy and indifferent.

Take their electronics away and all you get is whining and complaining that there’s nothing to do. “Can we watch a movie, then? Arrrgggh!

Our society has done a great job of teaching our children how to be lazy and non-productive. But as parents we have a duty to fight back and prevent our kids from becoming statistics in yet another article about unhealthy children.

We must re-program our youth how to have fun and be productive without technology. We have to get them outdoors, kicking and screaming if necessary. Plan your own scavenger hunt with cool prizes, or go ice fishing. Bring out the cards and learn how to play “Spoons,” a really fun game for the whole family. And Junior Monopoly is a great way to teach children how to manage money and real estate.

If parents don’t do this now, they’re going to regret it later when their children are fat, depressed and can’t carry a conversation past “I don’t know.”

Technology is great when we need it, but it is also our downfall. That’s why proposals like the Oliver riverside park are so important. It gives people an incentive to get outdoors and escape the push-button trappings of society.

Or we can just send our kids to the Oliver Women’s Institute for a lesson in home economics. We’re not kidding. These ladies will teach your children more about survival than any school can.

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