Letter: International Women’s Day in Oliver

Letter: International Women’s Day in Oliver


International Women’s Day                                     

 Friday, March 8, 2019

The issue of strong ethical women in politics speaking truth to power is all over Canadian news sources these days.  As we celebrate International Women’s Day it is worth observing what is happening to a strong, ethical young woman, Petra Veintimilla, right here in Oliver.

Petra (see page 11, Oliver Chronicle Feb. 28th) is unfairly maligned with the insinuation that she has been ‘bought’ by a perfectly upfront, legal and modest donation to her campaign from a pro Park supporter back in 2014 when she first ran for Town Council.  Politicians in a democracy usually share some of their opinions with those of their donors.

The truth of the matter is that Petra stood up in 2014 at the All Candidates meeting and broadcast to everyone that her long held goal if elected was to see the South Okanagan National Park Reserve established. This comment received the largest applause of the whole meeting and Petra went on to win her position on Council with more votes than any other Councillor (899).

Fast forward to 2018.  Again Petra was the only Councillor who bravely and clearly stated her support for a National Park Reserve. Once again, she won her seat with more votes than any other Councillor (1,217).

Whether you are for or against the Park, Petra is exactly the kind of honest, respectful and forthright Councillor needed during these divided times.

We honour her on International Women’s Day.


Midge Wyse
Roberta Dodge
Pat Monahan
Margaretha Hogeling
James Wyse

Oliver, BC


  1. Silent majority wants the National Park . . . so let’s get it done.
    Go Petra . . . you have lots of support in this community 🙂

    Bob Parker
    Rural Oliver