Interior Health confirms one case of coronavirus

Interior Health confirms one case of coronavirus

Interior Health has reported that COVID-19 has claimed a man in his 70s. This is the second coronavirus death in the region. (File photo)

By Lyonel Doherty

Interior Health can’t identify the community, but states there is one confirmed case of coronavirus in the region.

“We recognize that there is a heightened awareness around COVID and that rumours are circulating in communities,” said Susan Duncan from Interior Health Communications.

Duncan said every time there is a positive test in B.C., public health connects with anyone who may have come into contact with the case so they are aware and can be monitored for symptoms.

“We do not provide personal details about people involved, including location, for privacy reasons.”

She noted the person who contracted the virus is recovering at home in isolation and there is no risk of exposure to others.

Chris Shewchuk from Ministry of Health communications said they are only reporting the health authority region where each confirmed case resides. So in this case, somewhere within the Interior Health region.

“What I can tell you is that none of this person’s close contacts have contracted COVID-19 and she is recovering well.”

Once a patient no longer has symptoms and tests negative twice,
24 hours apart, the ministry announces they have recovered.

“This patient is getting close,” Shewchuk said.

On Feb. 29, the B.C. Ministry of Health announced the eighth case of COVID-19 in the province.

The person affected is visiting from Tehran, Iran and arrived in British Columbia last week. The patient is in isolation at home with support and monitoring from public health teams.

The ministry stated the individual is a female in her 60s and is staying with family in the Vancouver Coastal health region.

The ministry reported that three additional patients who previously tested positive for COVID-19 are now fully recovered, for a total of four fully recovered patients. The other individuals continue to recover in isolation at home and under the care of public health teams.

While the risk of spread of COVID-19 within British Columbia remains low at this time, the ministry continues to focus efforts on containing and delaying the spread of transmission as well as preparing for the possibility of a pandemic. A pandemic is the spread of an illness to a large number of people on a global scale.



  1. kokos rakija! they should at least reveal the city in the interior if not name and other details.
    By the way if the women knew she was sick even little, how come ppl dont have sense or half brain to isolate themselves wherever they r coming from, but instead put in risk literally thousends if not millions on the way here from the airports while waiting, from the plain and very small closed spaces to the other numerous public places she visited or went through. even washroom visit can infect inoscent person that doesnt eat the bats!! ppl stay home if u are even little sick don’t just be selfish and put others to risk!!! We were so so lucky so far but even 1selfish person like that can cause ireversable damage !!

  2. Why are they letting those people in from possibly source countries…CLOSE ALL BORDERS.

    CLOSES all highway in BC …………People stay put for 14 days…..find out where it is ….

    divide and conquer

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