Housing plan proposed on Tucelnuit Drive

Housing plan proposed on Tucelnuit Drive

Tucelnuit Lake (File photo)

The Town of Oliver is sending a zoning amendment application to public hearing relating to a housing development proposal on Tucelnuit Drive.

The application for 7034 Tucelnuit Drive is seeking to amend the zoning of the property to facilitate a three-lot subdivision in order to construct single detached dwellings and a duplex.

It is being proposed to introduce a Residential Low Density One (RS1) zone  over the north and south parcels, and a Residential Low Density Duplex (RD1) zone over the middle parcel. The property is currently zoned part RS1 and part Residential Low Density Strata Three (RS3).

Contract planner Christopher Garrish said the applicant is seeking to down zone to lower density to be more consistent with surrounding area development.

The property is on the west side of Tucelnuit  Drive, with Tucelnuit Lake forming its rear boundary.

Garrish said the proposal is consistent with the Official Community Plan (OCP)  designation of the property for future low-density residential development.

The planner said the property is in a Watercourse Development Permit Area, therefore a riparian value assessment will be required prior to approval.

As background, Garrish said council previously abandoned a zoning amendment bylaw that proposed to change the property’s zoning to facilitate five duplexes (10 units). It was abandoned because council faced legal action from a neighbour who argued that the density was greater than what the OCP allowed.

A number of people spoke against the rezoning at the time.


  1. That’s Oliver for you though. Something that might actually help this place grow comes in to topic and all the wrong people get their voices heard and the town does nothing other then let them have their say and then let the proposal die thus leaving Oliver a slowly growing pit of a soon to be ghost town if it doesn’t pick up for things and places that’s young family can live and play.