Hide your Ford F350s

Hide your Ford F350s



Over the last 24 hours the Oliver RCMP has received two reports of theft of Ford F350 trucks, both have taken place in the early morning hours. One of the vehicles was recovered but a number of high-value tools were stolen from inside of the vehicle.

Oliver RCMP ask that any owners of Ford F350 trucks consider investing a good anti-theft device, particularly a passive vehicle immobilizer or a steering wheel lock as a pro-active way to prevent your vehicle from being stolen.

We understand the huge impact on owners and their families when these thefts occur and the Oliver RCMP are actively investigating these thefts. We would like to remind the community to remain vigilant in reporting any suspicious activity; checking into suspicious incidents is part of our duties and not a waste of our time. If you see any suspicious persons or activities near a vehicle or in your neighbourhood, please call police.

If anyone has any information regarding these thefts please call Oliver RCMP 250-498-3422 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.


  1. On April 7th last year, I submitted a letter on how to steal an F350 using a radio transmitter. Now that F350’s are a target again, it bears re-reading. And please don’t suggest pocket-dialing your alarm. Having some years of technical electronics experience, I could whip one of these units up in a weekend. If I was a crook, the reluctance to believe this stuff would make you a prime target. Don’t believe me? Ask the police, then get back to us, OK? Meanwhile, a steering lock is a cheap investment, unless that 4 seconds to undo the lock may be a bit much for some people. As long as you have Alberta insurance, no problem. Or no ICBC theft protection.. Also no problem, as the BC public won’t be paying for your truck. Have a nice day…

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