Hear ye, hear ye no proclamations!

Hear ye, hear ye no proclamations!


We see no reason why the Town of Oliver should revisit its proclamation policy. It appears to work just fine, and it keeps council out of trouble.

No doubt the community doesn’t want a repeat of what happened in 1998 when the Gay and Lesbian Pride group took the Town to task. Because the mayor of the day would not cater to this group, it launched a human rights complaint. Since then the Town became gun shy and adopted a policy of no proclamations in the future.

While it’s a nice gesture to proclaim various “feel good” days, weeks and months, it’s not council’s mandate to do so. It creates additional work for staff and sets the Town up for any negative fallout that may arise.

Council already champions for many causes without having to declare anything. It allows individuals and organizations to have their say by promoting their events and activities, and it’s all televised during regular meetings. In addition, individual council members often promote local activities and their sponsoring groups.

As for the “Day of the Honeybee” or “I Don’t Want To Go to Work Day (we made that one up),” council shouldn’t waste its time on writing up such proclamations.

We’re not saying nobody cares, we’re saying council’s time is better spent on things like water quality, roads and sewers.

Hear ye, hear ye . . . we proclaim that the Town of Oliver does a great job in promoting local organizations and their causes, and that proclamations are not necessary to further said causes.