Harvest Hut, Edible Pathways to launch in May

Harvest Hut, Edible Pathways to launch in May


The new Harvest Hut and Edible Pathways projects in Oliver will be launched next month.

Food action coordinator Caitlyn Bennett will update council on these initiatives on Tuesday.

Bennett says she hopes to launch the two projects on May 27 as part of the Food Secure Oliver plan.

The first event will be a garden supplies swap meet.

The hut will consist of a garden shed located in downtown Oliver. (Bennett is requesting the Main Street parking lot adjacent to Oliver Gardens.)

Operating hours will be Mondays from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. from May to September.

The food-sharing hut will generally offer fruits and vegetables to anyone who wants them (for free, courtesy of local residents and farmers).

The primary goal is to increase people’s access to healthy, local food. People can also connect with others to learn about planting and growing techniques.

The Edible Pathways project will give people the opportunity to pick edible plants in town to use in their favourite recipes, such as pasta sauce.

Bennett notes that Public Works has begun to replace the soil and prep the planting beds in town to accommodate the initiative.