Happy ending for SORCO owl

Happy ending for SORCO owl

Tipsy, a great horned owl that has been in SORCO's care since April, was released into the wild on Saturday. (Contributed photo)

There was a happy ending for Tipsy the great horned owl this weekend.

The owl was released into the wild on Saturday after spending nearly two months in care at the South Okanagan Rehabilitation Centre for Owls (SORCO).

Tipsy was brought into SORCO’s care in early April after eating a mouse that had consumed rodent poison.

At the time, SORCO staff was unsure if Tipsy would survive. She was suffering from loss of vision and was paralyzed.

Dale Belvedere, SORCO’s manager, reminded the public to avoid using poison when dealing with rodent.

“You have no control when you use poison,” she said in April. “I understand using traps, you have to maintain them and go out and check them, you have to bait them – but at least you’re not putting someone’s pet cat in jeopardy.”

In Tipsy’s case, she was able to fully recover and is now back in the wild.

She was release 20 kilometres from where she was originally found, and was happy to go Belvedere said.

“As soon as the cage was opened she flew off, no hesitation at all.”