Get ready for automated carts

Get ready for automated carts

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Garbage pick-up dates will soon change in Oliver as the Town prepares to roll out its automated cart system.

The collection of garbage, recycling, and yard waste will become automated on July 2.

Residents are advised to watch for the delivery of the three different types of bins during the month of June.

The new 2018/2019 collection calendar will be delivered to your door by members of the 1st Oliver Scouts.

Pick-up days as of July 2 will be Monday if your property is located north of Fairview Road and McKinney Road, and it will be Friday if your property is located south of Fairview Road and McKinney Road.

Please review the calendar after it arrives to ensure your collection is at the curb on the appropriate day.

For more information call the Town of Oliver at 250-485-6200.


  1. Have a few concerns with the coming automated carts & their contents. Re: the garbage cart – plastic is still plastic, whether it’s several smaller bags or one large green or black bag. Are the smaller bags supposed to be better. environmentally? If so, please explain to me, how? Now, re: the blue recycle cart. Having seen the mess left behind when the big bins are emptied behind the businesses here in town, especially on a windy day – what’s to stop some of the loose recycled material from blowing all over the street & back into people’s yards? My last question has to do with costs. What are people supposed to do with all the large garbage, recycle & yard waste bags they bought in bulk because buying costs were cheaper that way? Is the town going to reimburse us for all the leftover bags we’ll still have in our possession? Or do they have a few ideas as to what we can do with them, as we certainly can’t return them to the stores.