Get on with the election

Get on with the election


Regarding the Trudeau “brownface” incident, why is there such a fuss being made over something that happened 20 years ago? 

I am sure when I was a kid we dressed up on Halloween as Aunt Jemima, or put shoe polish on our faces. (We had to improvise our own costumes as we had no money to buy fancy ones, even if they had been available to purchase in those days.) 

How many of us played cowboys and Indians and dressed up in head dresses that you could buy at 15 cent stores? How many went to Saturday matinees to Hopalong Cassidy, or the Lone Ranger to see the Indians attacking palefaces or seeing them scalp white people. 

We did not think of it being racist. I bet if 95 per cent of the people out there, especially the do-gooders and people of all races, colours or religions who are making the noises were honest with themselves could find something in their past (and present) that would consider them racists in today’s society. 

I am Caucasian and have had many friends of all races. Let’s get on with life and learn to live together in harmony. I am tired of listening to something that happened 20 years ago. 

Sharon Mattson, Kamloops