Funeral home bottling wine for after death

Funeral home bottling wine for after death


Dan Walton
Oliver Chronicle

A local funeral home has come up with an innovative way to give toast to late loved ones.

Graham Funeral Home is now offering their clients bottles of wine with a custom inscription, paying homage to the life that was lost.

“When you open this bottle of wine it’s for a specific purpose: to reminisce about a loved one,” says Nolan Adam, funereal director at Graham.

The idea came about after the death of Adam’s grandfather, an amateur winemaker whose wines were always shared with friends and family.

“Every time we went somewhere it was over a glass of wine,” said Adams. “He always grabbed a bottle of his wine from the cellar to celebrate.”

After his grandfather passed away a year-and-a-half ago, some bottles were left behind. So there was a period of time when the Adams family was able to commemorate their late grandpa by enjoying a glass of his one-of-a-kind wine.

“I don’t want anyone else to have that same problem as me – having the wine run out of stock,” he said.

Clients of Graham’s get a bottle of Little Engine Wines, with a label personally inscribed in honour of the deceased.

“So now on any occasion – an anniversary, birthday or Christmas – they can open up that bottle of wine.”

One bottle will come complimentary for each client.

“And you can order as many as you want for as long as you want. It’s a different way to connect.”

Adams realized it’s not the type of gift most people would expect to receive from a funeral home, but the response “has been phenomenal” since it was launched last month.

“We asked ourselves how can we make grieving process better for them, and that’s where our innovation comes from.”

The team at Graham’s chose to team up with Little Engine Wines “because they focus on the little details, how they make the wine to how they present the bottle,” Adams said, pointing out the decorative cork on each bottle as an example of the fine craftsmanship. “We focus on the little details in our product, and Little Engine does the same with their wine.”

Inscribed wine bottles have only recently become part of the service at Graham’s, while custom recipes are a possibility down the road.

“At some point, there might be some ways to have different blends.”

Meanwhile, Graham Funeral Home has closed down its Kootenay Street location in Oliver. The same services are still offered but now meetings happen at the home of a client or over the phone.


  1. You misspelled “deceased”. Last word of the I’m&th paragraph. The word deceased is misspelled as “diseased.”