Food bank gets ‘cool’ van

Food bank gets ‘cool’ van

The Oliver Food Bank is moving up in the world. A recent grant provided funding to upgrade the facility’s cold storage area and purchase of a refrigerated van. Shown here on his collection run is food bank treasurer Jim Ouellette. (Photo by Lyonel Doherty)

The Oliver Food Bank is pleased to announce its successful application for the Food Banks BC Perishable Food Refrigeration Grant. 

This grant was arranged through Food Banks BC with funds provided by the province of British Columbia to assist food banks across B.C. with financial assistance to increase their refrigeration capacity. 

At the Oliver Food Bank this grant provided funding to upgrade the cold storage area to a walk-in freezer, funded the addition of a walk-in cooler and the purchase of a refrigerated van. 

The new freezer allows the Oliver Food Bank to freeze bread, pastries and meat to preserve their freshness. The refrigerated van allows for the transportation of fresh produce from further distances without harmful effects. The new cooler allows for the storage capacity needed to keep locally grown fruits and vegetables fresher longer, and subsequently improve the nutritional value of the distributed food hampers. 

The Oliver Food Bank will continue to work with local producers, vendors and retailers to provide the best nutritional value for clients and to work toward minimizing waste and ensuring food safety. 

Oliver Food Bank wishes to thank Food Banks BC, the province of British Columbia and the MLAs who participated in this initiative.