Fire prompts questions

Fire prompts questions


Oliver could have been mourning the death of an entire family on April 21 all because of an alleged “well-known drug house.”

The basement suite of this Main Street residence has been the community’s black eye for some time.

You get loud parties, drugs, fighting and all manner of mysterious goings-on. With a couple of beers coursing through your veins, you would probably find this quite entertaining.

But this fire begs many questions, which we hope will be answered in order to prevent near-tragedies in the future.

First, why was this basement suite allowed to continue operating as an alleged drug house, and right next door to an MLA’s office?

Too often we see communities having to suffer from these undesirable operations that negatively impact everyone. A young family has been uprooted, the MLA’s office is scorched, the Oliver Chronicle building was singed, and soon there will be another empty lot in town.

But we’re not complaining about the latter. The fact is the community is now rid of this sore spot forever.

Hopefully we’ll see a new house or a new business start up in this location, and hopefully the landlord will ensure that whoever moves in will be a responsible tenant this time.

The landlord should have known what was going on in that house and dealt with the ongoing unsightly premises complaints brought forward. Landlords should be held accountable for whom they rent to.

The RCMP can only do so much with the laws of the land, and it’s a revolving door of people being arrested and let go to break the law again in the same house or a different house.

There should be a new ordinance that immediately evicts people after they are convicted of drug offences on a rental property. No second chances.

Why must innocent people have to endure such risk to their health and safety in their own neighbourhoods? It’s not right.

Our laws are so lax that criminals and unsavory characters get so many chances while hurting others along the way.

The thought of burying three little children and their parents because of a fire in what police call a “drug house” is sickening. Does it take the death of a family to bring change?

Sadly, yes.

Lyonel Doherty, Editor