Fine issued for last week’s grass fire

Fine issued for last week’s grass fire


Lyonel Doherty
Oliver Chronicle

A warning to people with burn piles in Oliver: if your fire gets away and causes a problem, you may be slapped with a fine.

That’s what happened to one property owner last week, according to Oliver Fire Department spokesman Rob Graham.

A burn pile north of Oliver (near Island Road) got away and spread to a nearby property where a strip of field was burned.

Graham said last Friday’s fire was during a “good burn day” despite some windy conditions.

“As long as anyone burning has checked the venting index and acquired a permit from the fire chief, you can burn on allowed days.”

Graham said the biggest factor to keep in mind is to not burn in an area where the fire has the potential to get away from you. And never leave a burn pile unattended, he pointed out.

A small grass fire south of Oliver (at Road 7) on Tuesday was reportedly caused by a burn pile.

Another key factor to remember when burning is to ensure you have a water source nearby in case the fire gets away, Graham noted.

“Get it out early and save yourself some embarrassment for having the fire department attend.”

Graham said the department does have the authority to hand out fines for fires if they are caused due to negligence or carelessness.

“It does not happen on every fire like this but there are cases where it is warranted.”

And it certainly brings attention to property owners to take more care in the future, he pointed out.