Evacuation not in the cards for Cooke

Evacuation not in the cards for Cooke

Goldtau Road in Willowbrook has been breached to enhance the flow of floodwaters in the community. One residence at the end of the road has been placed on evacuation alert. (Lyonel Doherty photo)

By Lyonel Doherty

Oliver Chronicle

Donna Cooke doesn’t have to “walk the plank” anymore in Willowbrook.

Despite the flooding around Goldtau Road where she lives, Cooke still has a sense of humour.

The road was recently breached to enhance the flow of floodwaters, and a board was placed over the breach so she could get to her car. But Cooke now has a makeshift plywood bridge to make it easier to cross.

Cooke, who is on evacuation alert, has steadfastly noted she will not evacuate her property.

“I have show animals here. I have a big place to look after, and I didn’t get a lot of notice that the road had to breached.”

Cooke said she was lucky to have been able to get her car on the other side before the breach. But her truck is stranded.

“When you live in the country, there are a lot of variables,” she pointed out.

Cooke said her home is not in jeopardy of flooding because it is on higher ground than the road.

Although Goldtau Road hasn’t been maintained for years, it can still accommodate an ambulance or fire truck, she said.

One thing that worries Cooke a little is now that the surrounding grasslands have turned into wetlands, there’s the potential of a mosquito problem.


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