Error delays prolonged court saga for Teneycke

Error delays prolonged court saga for Teneycke

Prolific offender Ronald Teneycke was labeled as a dangerous offender and will be jailed indefinitely. (File photo)

By Dale Boyd

Oliver Chronicle 

A cavalcade of court hearings, and an administrative error, have once again prolonged court proceedings for the South Okanagan’s most dangerous man: Ronald Teneycke.

Teneycke is now in custody indefinitely, after gaining the infamous title of dangerous offender in March of 2018.

However, Teneycke returned to court earlier this year after breaching the no contact order with the man he shot on a logging road outside of Oliver during a crime spree and RCMP manhunt three years ago — by sending the gunshot victim Wayne Belleville a Christmas card from prison.

“My initial reaction was . . . I was pretty upset about it. Because no matter what’s written in there, to me the underlying message is A, I’m thinking about you, and B, I know where you live,” Belleville told the Oliver Chronicle in January, 2019.

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The terrifying saga may finally come to a close, after the court discovered there was an administrative error in a sentencing hearing for breaching the no-contact order that went sideways in May, with Teneycke firing his lawyer afterward.

Judge Jane Cartwright and Crown counsel pointed out on Aug. 21 in provincial court in Penticton that Teneycke had not formally entered a guilty plea prior to a sentencing hearing in May. The Crown-sought sentence of nine months was nulled after Judge Michelle Daneliuk at the time noted the plea had not been entered, court heard.

Teneycke, appearing in court via video from the Kent Institution in Agassiz, B.C., pleaded guilty, on the record this time, Wednesday saying “I want this over with. I’m tired of coming before the court, right?”

“I did violate the order, so if you want a guilty plea let us move on,” Teneycke said.

The sentencing was mostly semantics, with Teneycke already serving an indefinite sentence, on top of the fact that he would serve the sentence concurrently (at the same time) as his prior prison sentences.

Teneycke will return to court, possibly for the final time, for sentencing on a date yet to be determined by the Judicial Case Manager.