Entrepreneur opening pot shop on Main Street

Entrepreneur opening pot shop on Main Street


An old liquor store is applying to become a pot shop.

An entrepreneur has applied to operate a cannabis dispensary at 6341 Station Street, in what used to be the Desert Arms liquor store.

The Town is surveying the public to get people’s feedback on the proposal.

What is interesting is a StatsCan report earlier this month that indicates legalized marijuana costs nearly twice as much as free market weed.


  1. Is there an assumption by the town that people are going to be mad about a pot shop opening or is it how you are reporting the story? I understand and support the town putting forth a survey to find out how Oliver residents feel about this. I do find it curious that it’s not presented as a neutral question, instead of “The Town is surveying the public to see how many people are mad about it.” Shouldn’t we/they be starting from an objective position so that the pros and cons can be weighed without bias.

  2. My question is why another liquor store outlet, not BC liquor store, had their application rejected ??
    We really do not need public input on these matters as the business is a legal operation, selling a legal product and applying for a legal business licence. Why such a big deal ? Back to my first question, why was another liquor store application rejected.?