EDITORIAL: Trudeau’s true colours

EDITORIAL: Trudeau’s true colours


Ladies, find yourself a man who will be as loyal to you as our Prime Minister is to SNC-Lavalin.

Try to avoid anyone with an insatiable thirst for power, though.

Justin Trudeau got elected by presenting a message of “real change.” He promised greater openness and transparency in government, we would get something better than first-past-the-post, he was going to need the archaic prohibition of marijuana, and we needed affirmative action because it was 2015.

But he didn’t last one term before revealing that he’s just another lapdog taking orders from the extremely wealthy.

When it came time to do something about electoral reform – he must have found out that tampering with FPTP would relinquish some of the Liberal Party’s leverage. So he decided to break his promise and leave us entrenched in a two-party system, where only the Liberals and Conservatives have a realistic chance of forming government.

He liked taking snipes at “the Conservatives’ failed war on drugs,” and then he “legalized” weed by creating more laws for pot users to break.

Trudeau antagonized Stephen Harper for running a secretive government that was closed-off from Canadians. Now he’s fumbling to explain why he interfered with justice to avoid serious consequences for mutual friends of his and Muammar Ghadaffi’s.

After years of listening to him brag about being a feminist, it’s ironic how we get to watch Trudeau’s career get ruined by women within his team. Nevertheless, Jody Raybould-Wilson (JWR) and Jane Philpott proved him right that more women in cabinet would be a good thing.

This might be the first time Canadians actually want to hear Trudeau apologize for something. His attempts to spin the Lavalin scandal are all far beyond reasonable doubt.

“I’m confident that I did not act inappropriately but I think the essence of this is that people can experience interactions differently,” he said about his discussion with JWR.

Oh wait – actually that excuse was from last summer when he was asked about groping a female reporter back in the year 2000. Oops!

Even though it’s deflating to realize that Trudeau’s just another shill, it’s pretty optimistic to think the federal Conservatives would stand up any stronger against corporate villains. No matter who we elect, Canada’s Prime Minister will always be a person with a six-figure salary taking on pressure from businesses with billions in revenue. The Dairy Farmers of Canada already have their hands in CPC leader Andrew Scheer’s pockets (for helping him win party leadership) and he isn’t even in power.

JRW, Philpott and their fellow MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes all made powerful statements with their resignations. The lucrative bribe of sitting as a Member of Parliament – let alone on cabinet – probably compromises the values of some politicians. So it’s been a breath of fresh air to watch this all unfold.

Why can’t we just have JWR as Prime Minister?


Dan Walton