Editorial: Take pies just in case

Editorial: Take pies just in case


Some bits and bites to chew on this week:

We were thinking that Town council members might want to take some luscious fruit with them to the Union of BC Municipalities convention this fall. This would prove to the ministers how important the Gallagher Lake siphon repair project is to the South Okanagan.

They should also take a few pies with whipping cream on top in case they have to throw some in the faces of said ministers who don’t listen.

We also recommend they take a medical dummy with them with a note that reads: “I died of a heart attack on the way to Penticton because there were no doctors to staff the emergency department at Oliver hospital on the weekend.”

People are frustrated and are starting to question if the planned upgrades to the emergency department is going to change the staffing problem. Shouldn’t they rectify that issue before they start renovating?

Don’t sleep on it

Is it just us or does there appear to be an explosion of crime in this end of the valley lately? You can’t even get a decent night’s sleep anymore.

A couple robbed at gunpoint at Yellow Lake – lucky for the robber he didn’t pull that stunt in America where he could have been staring down the barrel of a much larger handgun like Dirty Harry’s.

A travesty

A real travesty of justice and many boos to Judge Michelle Daneliuk for granting bail to Thomas Kruger-Allen. He faces charges of assault and sexual assault following an incident on Okanagan Beach that left a young man in a coma.

Kruger recently pleaded guilty to another assault in downtown Penticton and was described by a psychologist as chronically angry and violent.

What was the judge thinking? Was it really in the public’s best interest and safety to grant bail to a violent offender?

No Spirit of Oliver here

Next up, be careful who you help these days. A local orchard owner found this out the hard way when he reportedly tried to assist a man with his bicycle. The man ended up stealing the owner’s vehicle while distracting him. Definitely no Spirit of Oliver award here.

Keep it value-added

Although rules are rules, we say give Nature’s Basket the zoning approval to operate their kitchen. This is value-added agriculture and we need more farm-to-table enterprises like this to show off our fruits and vegetables.

North of town, however, we can’t say the RV storage lot at Secrest Hill Road is value-added. Would have been nice to see an agri-tourism venture in that area.

New burn rules welcomed

We support the new open burning rules in B.C. to protect people’s health and the environment.

While we understand that some diseased prunings need to be burned, people deserve to breathe clean air.

The regional district needs to bring back the subsidized chipping program on a larger scale. Farmers shouldn’t be expected to pay the whole shot to chip their prunings every year.


Lyonel Doherty