EDITORIAL: Some random musings

EDITORIAL: Some random musings

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By Lyonel Doherty

Oliver Chronicle

High school graduation brings back memories. I remember mine. On one hand I couldn’t wait to finish school; no more books, no more condescending teachers, no more tests, and no more bullies. But on the other hand, I was leaving my comfort zone and heading into the land of the unknown. I had to start making money and fend for myself. It was scary but exciting.

This year’s graduates in Oliver represent such diversity in character and skill sets. There’s brains, brawn, artistic merit and compassion – a great mix to take on the world.

Some of these grads don’t want to be our future leaders and that’s perfectly okay. They will make their mark in other ways.

Like my dad always said, “Son, I don’t care if you’re a bum, but if you are, be a good one.”

Mmm, not sure if that was very inspirational or not; it sounds like something a redneck would say to his young’un. But it certainly took a lot of pressure off me to succeed. Thanks, dad . . . I think.

Told you so

How ironic that a Trans Mountain pipeline spill occurred near Kamloops only two days before the Liberal government announced the $4.5 billion purchase of Kinder Morgan’s expansion project.

The spill was reportedly 48 times larger than initially reported (4,800 litres instead of 100 litres).

We can see it now; shoreline on the B.C. coast covered in oil. Will it be worth it?

Are you exempt?

We don’t like second-hand smoke either, but Town council was probably wise to exempt medical cannabis users from its smoke free bylaw.

It is highly unlikely that any of these users will be subjecting the public, especially children, to their toxic fumes. Many users take their medicine orally; they don’t smoke it. And wouldn’t many users take their medication at home before coming downtown?

The last thing the Town needs is a legal challenge from someone whose Charter of Rights have been infringed upon.

They did the right thing

Town councillors did the right thing by not boosting their salaries to offset a cut in their tax allowance (courtesy of our greedy government).

It would not have looked good if councillors padded their pockets after raising taxes by nine per cent. Even though it’s not really a salary increase (rather maintaining their net pay), it would have meant a $9,000 increase to the budget.

How many of us can vote ourselves a boost in salary and expect others to pay for it? Osoyoos council did.

Border troubles

Good luck trying to cross the US border after the legalization of marijuana this year.

British Columbia Senator Mobina Jaffer warns that people who smoke marijuana could be barred from crossing ports of entry. While marijuana is legalized in some states, that won’t matter to federal border officials who may ask you about your affinity to cannabis. If you tell the truth, you’re damned. If you don’t, you’re damned.



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