Editorial: Only fossils still fight the war on drugs

Editorial: Only fossils still fight the war on drugs


There was a letter in the April 18 Chronicle advocating that we deny health care to the most vulnerable.

The writer doesn’t believe that people suffering from severe addiction should have equal access to public services. Instead of offering medical assistance to somebody overdosing on illicit drugs, we should let them succumb to their disease and save emergency resources for people who she can relate to.

Through her vision, we would be able to point out the dead bodies to our children and explain how suffering to death on the street is something drug addicts deserve. We can explain how saving a few tax dollars is more important than saving other people.

The author claims to have had a hard-knock life, yet still managed to pull herself up by the bootstraps. Most of the people she went to school with also turned out alright (even the ones who were in remedial classes, she points out). If this mystery woman (who presumably hid behind anonymity because she is ashamed of her own beliefs) can overcome adversity, then she figures heroin addicts can as well.

The woman qualifies all of this by claiming, “I’m not a cold-hearted person.”

Yeah, sure you’re not – and I play in the NHL.

Although her ideas are offensive, I can see why some people don’t sympathize with drug addicts. They have a tendency to lie, cheat and steal, and probably made poor decisions at some point in life to initially get hooked.

In a perfect world nobody would inject drugs recreationally. It’s hard to understand why someone would begin such an extremely risky habit.

But universal health care is universal. It’s not exclusive for people living wholesome lives.

“How long does society need to pay for their bad decisions?” the fossil lady  pondered.

Alright, let’s get rhetorical. Society subsidizes giant oil companies, funds wars in the Middle East, is spending billions on a shabby pipeline, and it buys new fridges for Loblaws.

How long does society have to pay for bad corporate and political

Everyone realizes that society has a few flaws. It would be nice if things like addiction and pollution and war never happened. But we’re stuck with ‘em. And it’s pretty wishful to think that more dead drug users will solve any of our problems.


Dan Walton