EDITORIAL: Cop guardian angel during the holidays

EDITORIAL: Cop guardian angel during the holidays


By Lyonel Doherty

Oliver Chronicle

If you have to be pulled over by a cop, make sure (or hope) it’s officer Alex Shaw.

Drive down a busy one-way street (like I did in Edmonton last week) and see what happens. Once you make that fateful turn, that’s it, you’re boxed in and can’t go anywhere. Welcome to stress city.

Your only escape is an entranceway about 50 metres away, but you have to travel down another one-way street to get to it. It’s do or die, man, so you make a run for it while a cop is on your tail with those pretty lights flashing.

Whew! You made it without an ICBC claim, but you still have the cop to contend with; oh, no, here comes the big fine.

He gets out of his cruiser and immediately looks at your licence plate at the back of your vehicle. He nods and smiles when you blurt out that you’re not from Edmonton. You suddenly produce your insurance papers but he waves them away, saying he doesn’t need to see them. The officer then proceeds to give you a tutorial on the layout of local streets and asks you where you’re staying. You tell him the Hyatt and he whips out his phone to look up the directions. The officer tells you to follow him as he escorts you back to your hotel, which is just around the corner (you fool).

I was stunned and couldn’t believe the officer went this far out of his way to ensure my safety and well-being. No ticket and no reprimand. Just compassion, which a lot of cops have but are seldom recognized for.

Alex Shaw made my holidays and gave me a deeper appreciation for what police officers do on a daily basis.

Any day now I’m expecting a call from the distinguished gentleman who was selling tickets for a new, $300,000 Lamborghini displayed inside West Edmonton Mall.

“Sir, I have some delightful news for you – you are the lucky winner of the Lamborghini that can propel you at 220 mph and can go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds.”

That’s nice, but I don’t think officer Shaw would escort you back to your hotel after clocking you at 180 mph on a one-way street.

Went to the Calgary Stampede and was literally stampeded . . . not by bulls but by 100,000 people on opening day. Never again.

Dodging so many human cattle in the heat was too much to endure, but I did it for my kids out of sheer love and insanity.

I’d rather drive down a one-way street during rush hour.


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