Economic development committee dissolved

Economic development committee dissolved


The Town of Oliver’s new Economic Development Committee has died.
The committee, struck earlier this year, met a few times this spring and discussed issues such as potential development of Station Street.
Mayor Ron Hovanes said the committee was formed without a real terms of reference and was made up of many people with various interests.
“The few meetings sent a clear message to council that Oliver does support economic development within our community,” he said.
The mayor confirmed the committee is being dissolved and council will discuss in more detail what goals it would like to pursue if the committee is restarted.
The members of the previous committee are being contacted and council appreciates them for their involvement, Hovanes said.
In a letter to committee members, Councillor Dave Mattes said he was stepping down as chair, but noted he believes in helping in any way he can to bring new employers and help existing business. He said council has been successful in many ways in doing this. However, “I am not committed to the belief that this committee can make the difference that it hopes to.”
Hovanes said council has taken on a hands on approach to promote economic development in real meaningful ways. He noted the Town’s  hotel feasibility study should be released shortly. Its focus will be two-fold: to back up the claim that Oliver and area can support a hotel; and to have the study designed so it can be used as a marketing tool by the Town.
Hovanes said council has also made it a priority to have staff develop economic incentive zones to assist investment in tourist accommodation and commercial properties.
“We have changed our commercial parking requirements to make downtown development that much easier for entrepreneurs.”
The mayor said council is also in receipt of two notes of thanks for staff and council’s efforts in having Structurlam successfully bring part of its operation to the former General Coach building. Council has also adopted the revised zoning bylaw that will give developers a clear understanding of what can take place on their land parcels.
“Everyone on council has made it known loud and clear that we support existing and any new business opportunities,” Hovanes said.


  1. Hello,

    I have an elderly friend that owns commercial property and his space has been vacant for some time now. I know real estate and leasing space is slow at this time but wondered who I can call to speak to regarding helping him lease out his space?

    I am not familiar with Oliver and commercial leasing three. Please recommend which company is active in leasing commercial space in downtown Oliver. thank you for your help.