Don’t let Miley Virus taint kids

Don’t let Miley Virus taint kids


If you have young, impressionable daughters, it’s time to cover your flat screens and cancel your Internet – Miley Cyrus has evolved.

I can’t begin to describe or comprehend her latest video, “We Can’t Stop.” It is absolutely horrid, and if Billy Ray Cyrus had any sense, he’d tell his daughter to smarten up and stop twisting young minds.

There is nothing redeeming about her video, which depicts all manner of inappropriate behaviour, such as dry-humping, self-mutilation and, the list goes on.

Oh great, I just promoted her video and laid out the red carpet for her abhorrent sexcapade.

What happened to sweet little Hannah Montana from the Disney Channel? Some would say she grew up. Is that her excuse? Old Walt is likely turning in his grave.

In watching the video, it looks like she’s trying to imitate Lady Gaga, who at least is original and is not trying to be someone she isn’t. We expect Lady G to dress and act as bizarre as possible, but we don’t expect Miley to totally commit character suicide and damage the reputation of today’s youth with smut that our daughters find amusing.

What a desperate way to get attention. Can she not rely on her God-given talents to entertain her fans without jeopardizing dignity and tainting our children’s innocence?

It’s so sad to see these young stars go from promising performers to troubled Hollywood misfits.

But in truth, they are not solely to blame. Society demands defiance, shock value and sex, and managers tend to push these young stars to give fans what they want.

What happened to good ol’ singing and stage presence? Much of what you see and hear today is not singing, but techno-augmentation.

I sincerely hope that stars like Miley “Virus” and Justin Bieber find themselves again before they crash and burn like so many others. All I ask is they don’t take our children with them.

I can’t help but worry about Selena Gomez, who is starting to use sex appeal to enhance her popularity. But at least there’s no Gangnam Style dry humping in her new video.

The entertainment industry needs to take better stock of how performers portray themselves and perhaps tighten the rules (if there are any). It appears that anything goes in front of the camera as long as you don’t kill anyone and eat the remains.

Send them to Singapore and see how long they last before getting caned for their transgressions.

Our youth desperately need positive role models, but they aren’t getting it from some of their idols on television. All they’re getting are images of promiscuity, idiocy and all sorts of bizarre behaviour that many teens find acceptable.


Lyonel Doherty, editor




  1. You are barking up a tree that has roots since Elvis wiggled his hips. Are you wrong to want to try to change things? No…you are, in fact, one of the few people who actually started to see this trend. Now I pose a question to you. Why NOT target people like Lady Gaga? Originality or not, she is a ‘role-model’. In fact, you probably may have missed 1000 artists that came out in the last decade who deserve to be in the same category where your placing Miley. I will tell you this though…it begins at home, it begins at Halloween, the costumes sold and bought. It begins in the car on the way to school. Are they listening to you or their Ipod? As a musician I have thought about this debate for a long time, and the most common answer I heard is “Don’t worry about it, its just a trend.” So does this trend include unwed teenage pregnancies too??? Just a thought….