Woman shaken after dog attack in park

Woman shaken after dog attack in park

Lucille Israel kneels at the location in Lion's Park where a pit bull bit her leg, which required stitches. Photos by Lyonel Doherty
Lucille Israel kneels at the location in Lion's Park where a pit bull bit her leg, which required stitches. Photos by Lyonel Doherty
Lucille Israel kneels at the location in Lion’s Park where a dog bit her leg, which required stitches. Photos by Lyonel Doherty

An Oliver woman believes that some officials are hiding behind rules and regulations rather than protecting the public from dogs in local parks.

That’s how Lucille Israel felt after being “attacked” by what she believed was a pit bull in Lion’s Park last week. However, since the incident occurred, officials have said the dog is a mixed breed of Boxer, Rottweiler and terrier.

Israel said she was walking her three Chihuahuas on the hike and bike trail on July 15 when a dog came charging out of the trees.

It happened so fast that Israel had no time to think. She instinctively scooped up her dogs and threw them into a hedge and faced the angry dog head on. The dog started biting her leg, which caused profuse bleeding.

Israel screamed and a nearby skateboarder came to the rescue by restraining the dog by pulling on his leash.

The police were called and Israel soon learned that the dog had a litter of puppies. A lady who was looking after the dog came out of the bushes to help and was quite hysterical about what happened, Israel said.

She learned that the dog is owned by a homeless woman known to police and bylaw enforcement officers.

While waiting for the ambulance, Israel observed the dog come running out of the bush again, this time without a leash.

She then yelled for someone to “stop that dog (before it attacked somebody else)!” Israel believed the dog was coming after her again, but someone managed to stop it.

The woman was taken to the hospital where she was treated for puncture wounds to her leg, which required several stitches. One deep wound was close to an Achilles tendon.

She also suffered a puncture wound to her hand.

At the hospital Israel spoke to the bylaw enforcement officer and to police.

“I begged them to restrain the dog (before it bit another person).”

According to Israel, the bylaw officer said all he could do was issue a bylaw infraction ticket and request that the dog be muzzled.

Israel said the police initially would not attend the incident, saying it was not their jurisdiction. She finally insisted they show up at the hospital.

“As always, someone had to get hurt for the right things to be done,” Israel said. “It appears that the officials’ job isn’t to protect anymore, but hide behind the rules and regulations.”

The woman said she underwent an “interrogation” by police and wanted to press charges, but the officer said she could not do that.

“This dog was a dangerous situation guarding its puppies in a public place,” Israel said.

However, she was thankful that the decision was made to quarantine the dog in the local pound.

Don Moore from SOS Security, a firm that provides bylaw enforcement in Lion’s Park, confirmed the incident occurred, but did not categorize it as an “attack,” saying it was a “bite.”

Moore said the dog has no history of attacks or aggressiveness, but it is being quarantined until a final decision is made in the case.

He noted the dog and its puppies are eating better than ever now.

He confirmed the owner is homeless and there was some indication that she was trying to sell the puppies.

Corporal Brian Evans of the Oliver RCMP said police were initially called to the scene but were unable to attend due to another urgent file.

Evans said the matter is being handled by dog control officer Greg Ivens on behalf of the Town of Oliver.

“There is no criminal aspect to this case, so Mr. Ivens is dealing with it under the bylaws.”

Diane Vaykovich, corporate officer for the Town, said this is an active bylaw enforcement matter, therefore she could not disclose details. However, she did say the Town is in the process of assessing fines and fees under the Animal Control Bylaw.

But Israel is left with questions, such as why there was no bylaw officer in the park that afternoon, and why was a homeless person with a “dangerous” dog allowed to live in the park?

“It (the attack) was almost a life and death situation. That dog was going to kill me . . . it could have grabbed my jugular.”

Stay tuned for more details on this story.

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By Lyonel Doherty


  1. The bylaw enforcement team is only there to attract ticket revenue, not to actually protect the public. I’d advise carrying a cane or other suitable device to firstly protect yourself and your animals, and then send the evidence along to Bylaw so they can clean up the mess and issue a ticket to the owner…

    • How terrifying. This woman is a hero for saving her tiny indefensible Chihuahuas. Pit bulls often kill companion animals and children with one lethal, strong, gripping bite to the throat or belly even at only 40 pounds of pure muscle. These specific gripping power breeds need to be wearing very strong, bite-inhibiting, panting muzzles like is mandatory in Ontario in 444 Cities since 2005. This successful BSL decreased maulings (serious bites requiring reconstructive surgery) by 92% despite responsible owners Grandfathered to keep their pet Pit bulls. Especially as Quebec is bringing in the same BSL. If Western Canada does not want these irresponsible owners moving here because of our weak laws and lack of enforcement, then we need to bring in mandatory muzzling, microchipping, and breeding permits on these power breeds too. All’s well that ends well with BSL. Cynologist

      • Good point,,,,these owners will move to other areas,,,,,I used to agree that pitbulls were unfairly targeted until a new neighbor rented the house next door,,,,witnessed his pit bull attack a small dog,,,,,saw the look in his eyes when he came at me barking,,,before his owner came out……now due to my own experience and looking at the statistics,,,,I have a different awareness

  2. These dogs are getting to be an epidemic. They cause chaos all over the world and people continue to own them. Hopefully there will soon be laws that protect us from them. They are hideous and the public is tired of dealing with them!

  3. Also there was a homeless man with an unneutered Pit bull in my City of metro Vancouver. I first encountered it without a leash in our local wine store. A dude behind me in line for the cashier asked incredulously: “is that a Pit bull?” The homeless guy yelled out: “He’s my Service dog!” The shocking part was when I called Animal Control, they said they knew where his Camp was. Yet we saw it for months with no leash, and one time chewing a bloody T-bone by a School. At least BC has brought in new laws to prohibit these fake service dogs, but we need pre-emptive BSL before another person gets killed by a Pit bull like that Grandmother in Kamloops, BC on Jan. 31, 2016. These inherently dangerous dogs were bred for fighting not family neighborhoods. All Pit bulls are derived from Staffordshire bull terriers in Staffordshire, England and only the ones that won 3 fights were allowed to be bred. That’s why they have retained such strong mauling instincts and attack without warning or provocation which gave them an edge in the Pit. I have seen small Staffies attack at even ten years old even when raised in a wealthy family environment, pampered, socialized, sterilized as a puppy, and professionally trained. They are a high risk as Staffies have killed more people than all other breeds combined at 513 people. Rottweilers are second place with 105 reported human deaths in North America.

  4. The difference between normal dogs and Pit Bull Type Dogs is that those non pit bull type dogs regardless of their size do not have an inherent genetic predisposition to Kill, Maul, Maim, Disfigure, Dismember, cause Life Flights or trips to the Intensive Care Unit.

    They can be taken on a dog by dog basis and their ownership will determine their behavior.

    All pit bull type dogs have an inherent genetic predisposition to Kill, Maul, Maim, Disfigure, Dismember, cause Life Flights or trips to the Intensive Care Unit due to their genetic connection to the Roman war dog Aluant & The Ol English Bulldogge precursor genetics that led to the creation of the Pi Bull Terrier, and will do so no matter how they are raised, it is a generic genetic reality which is why they all need to be banned to prevent there numbers from reaching greater numbers which would lead to carnage in the streets.

    In North America, from 1982-2014, Bullmastiffs have been responsible for 111 serious attacks on humans, resulting in 63 maimings and 18 deaths.

    In North America, from 1982-2014, Presa Canarios have been responsible for 111 attacks on humans that resulted in 18 fatalities.

    In North America, from 1982-2014, Cane Corsos have seriously attacked 21 humans that resulted in 12 maimings and 2 fatality. In addition, a Cane Corso/Pit Bull mix attacked 1 person that resulted in a fatality.

    In North America, from 1982-2014, Dogo Argentinos have been responsible for 5 serious attacks on humans that resulted in 1 fatality. This breed in rare in North America.

    In North America from 1982-2014 Fila Brasileiro’s have seriously attacked 5 humans and were responsible for 1 death.

  5. First, second and third we want, need and should demand public safety and personal security.

    Anything that stands in the way of this must be removed, not changed, not modified, not altered but Removed completely.

    To argue in effect for breed neutral legislation that is not preemptive but reactive and dependent on responsible ownership is an oxymoron that has no purpose nor use and will not stand.

    Yes Pit bull ownership going underground due to BSL would be a good thing, through this fact one would rarely encounter the owner or mutant undog and the likelihood of attack from them both would be drastically reduced into obscurity, what can’t access you can’t hurt you.

    Having them hidden in far far smaller numbers in some basement or attic is far preferable to having the current numbers allowed to be owned where the safety of said community would be wholly dependent on the responsibility of pit bull owners when such ownership does not nor has it existed in the last 30+ years.

    To think that if we merely ask and say pretty please and try to inform the pit bull owner of what his responsibilities should be that he will then undertake them is foolish, naive, and dangerous.

    Their numbers will not decline, the pit bull owners will not become responsible and an ever worsening status quo will be the outcome of such viewpoints.

    Most pit bull owners are fully aware of what they own, their history and capability, they just don’t care nor will they.

    This battle is not about semantics, it is about truth, facts and life and death, these are what need to be imparted to the general public so that they understand the reality of what the pit bull type dog is so they can react accordingly, this must be phrased in a stark black and white contrast.

    Playing word games & using PR obfuscation merely distracts the public from the real core safety issue involved, in the immortal words of Joe Friday they need the facts, just the real facts mame.

    The pit nutters minds can’t be changed by facts or anything because they are not rational sentient beings, they are culls and a lost cause.

    But facts will change and direct the silent majority to the reality of the situation and then they will do the rest for us all.

    You can NOT be a responsible Lion owner in a residential suburban context, nor a responsible owner of a tiger, cougar, cobra or wolverine, to try to sell the concept that one can be a responsible pit bull type dog owner is as irrational as any of those options would be in regards to the vast % of pit bull type dogs and there owners.

    Pit bull owners don’t care about your right of freedom to be safe, they don’t care about their obligation to be responsible and don’t recognize the existence of said concept.

    They will never agree to any restriction placed upon them, even a leash law, S/N law or that they undergo a basic training course with their undogs are an anathema to them, how are you going to get them to agree to really serious restrictions like insurance, muzzleing, kenneling, short lease, getting their undogs fixed and chipped, registered with photos, if you believe any of that is possible you are living in a dream world that is a fantasy that will be the death of us all.

    When it comes to pit bull type dog owners you are talking about narcissistic sociopaths who don’t care who don’t feel, to whom you, yours and anyone is expendable whose lives have no purpose nor meaning to pit nutters.

    To think that one can get them to change and accept responsibility and restrictions on their undogs for our betterment is foolish and delusional.

    They don’t even care about their own dogs and consider them disposable, so to think they will agree to these restrictions for their undogs sake is misguided at best.

    Pit bull owners have lost their minds and never had their hearts, the only thing that will work is hard core enforcement of severe BSL unless you want the status quo expounded many times over in blood facts on the pavement.

    BSL is the only solution, any breed neutral abstract application of psychology would be doomed to failure.!!!!

    • Great informative article, but. . . not all pit bull owners are like you have described them. Some are responsible and take precautions to secure their dog in public and even there yards. Some of these dogs are family pets. They are not bred or taught to fight or be aggressive. It is probably the bite from the dog that frightens people due to it locks its jaw and won’t let go while it is shaking the victim around.

  6. The vast majority of the pit bull-type dogs that severely maul or kill are family pets, and are not trained fighters.

    Pit bull-type dogs are hardwired to maul and kill without warning, it is a part of the genetic code like border collies herd, labs swim, goldens retrieve, pointers point, and bloodhounds track.

    Pit bulls are zero-mistake dogs. Pit-bulls are dangerous because they have the capability of inflicting life-threatening injuries in a split second.

    Pit bull-type dogs are responsible for 95% of severe attacks on people, pets and livestock.

    From 2005-2016, 247 people killed by pit bull type dogs. http://www.dogsbite.org/dog-bite-statistics-fatalities.php

    This site tracks daily severe pit bull attacks: http://www.nationalpitbullvictimawareness.org/

    50,000 + animals killed by pit bulls every year: http://www.animals24-7.org/2015/01/27/how-many-other-animals-did-pit-bulls-kill-in-
    and http://www.animals24-7.org/2016/01/31/pit-bulls-killed-24000-other-dogs-13000-cats-in-2015/

    459 disfigurements in 2015 by pit bulls.

    Pit bulls do not lock their jaw but with their ‘gameness’ trait they do not let go until their victims are dead.

    Two words to prove pit bull type dogs are inherently dangerous a breed specific tool: “BREAK STICK”.

    Does this sound like a normal and safe dog breed to have live in our neighborhoods? Pit Bull Rescue Central recommends ALL pit bull owners to have a “break stick”, a wedge-shaped piece of wood used to pry open a pit bull’s jaw during an attack. “Since pit bulls have a strong fighting background, we recommend that pet owners also have a breaking stick as a precaution, even if they don’t plan to use it in an illegal context. However, please be discreet. Breaking sticks are not something to brag about and the general public might have the wrong impression if you walk around with a stick in your hand. Breaking sticks are not illegal, but they are considered dog fighting paraphernalia in certain states and/or with certain law enforcement agents.” http://www.pbrc.net/breaksticks.html

    This person demonstrates how to use a break stick on a pit-bull: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfMVH4wY5Pg

  7. Here’s something for those demanding a pound of flesh. Why not put the homeless person in jail, then she would have shelter and food? Or, how about someone from social services getting her the help she needs so that she doesn’t have to live in a park with a dog that is trying to protect it’s babies.

    • Thanks Nancy-but when did homelessness become a criminal matter Put me in jail , really..why? I have shelter issue. Food I can do , water, clothes..the issue is a roof, Im employed, have kids, go to the movies, watch tv, I am simply with out a home. There are no homes in oliver for rent! ,,

  8. This dog unfortunately belonged to a homeless person that was dragging the mommy dog and the 6 puppies from place to place and out in the heat of the day and then cold on some nights with no shelter. She did not secure the mommy dog properly all the time when out in public.
    I know this dog (Heinz 57 breed, yes some pit bull in her but not full pit bull) before she had her puppies and also had them all stay at our home for 3 days with the puppies. Made sure the mommy was secured at all times in our yard and on a leash for a walk. She was in the shade and had water and food at all times available to her and went on a walk several times a day. She was relaxed and sheltered. She never growled or showed any signs of aggression to my daughter and I, nor our guests. But she did bark at dogs walking on the sidewalk going by the home but she was secured and we would just stand in front of her until they passed. That was the mommies dog weak spot and need training in that area. But the irresponsible owner (and in this case the person looking after the dog and pups at the time of this incident) knows that and should have had her tethered up to a tree on the long snap leash that I provided for her to contain the dog. So now due to the owner that just does not like following rules (which I discovered at my place too), the dog is targeted due to its breed. That could have been a collie or golden retriever that did this attack and it would not generate the negativity of that breed. People hear Pit Bull and they are like running in the other direction and saying get rid of them. All dogs are unpredictable and we need to air to caution and respect what the owner says. And in matters like this incident when out in public, owners need to secure their dogs while out and about as one just does not know what the dog (any breed) can do. Need to consider the other public that is out there.

    I acknowledge that this woman that got bit was NOT at fault at all. She did everything right to secure her 3 dogs and protect them. The whole incident must have been so scary for her and then to be injured protecting her dogs. And I am so glad that your 3 fur babies are okay. I feel for you and I hope that you heal quickly and without any complications.

  9. It is refreshing to read comments that are sane and based on fact, rather than those from pro-bully breed owners who defend these animals. After an attack by a tourists pit bull on a small dog and its elderly owner, I thought that a muzzle
    Bylaw had been put in place in Osoyoos. One year later I’ve only seen one such dog wearing a muzzle while being walked on leash. Bylaw enforcement seems weak, especially when a dog comes running at someone and bites them, which in my world IS an attack. If the woman had approached the dog and put her hand out, that would have been a bite.

  10. It’s not the breed of animal! It’s the owner! If the animal is mistreated and taught a certain way the animal is of course going to be vicious. Also any mother of any breed will protect their babies but that does not excuse to owner for not keeping her tied up. This owner does not deserve to have animals!

    • Agreed. She is trying to get them back. She can barely take care of herself let on a dog and 6 pups that she just wants to sell for money. I know her and she is not good news at all.

  11. When I was growing up in Penticton I was allowed to choose anywhere to do work experience as part of my elementary grade 7 classroom program. That was the best 7 days of my entire year. I chose The Penticton Herald. Although I never went on to graduate I did attend college as an adult. I challenged the programs attendance requirements and when tested, I had a university level English, Grade 4 math, Grade 6 science etc… I am claiming this here as fact. I can prove all this by a college transcript and witness statements.
    I have spoken to someone named Annieley, (not sure if the spelling is correct) she claimed that she made a comment on your article . I have spoken to her numerous times in the park. She had information for you and the public about the entire situation. She knew of things that she felt were pertinent to the story and she told you about the holes in your article, the inaccuracies, the lies, the slander and I believe she may have thought the tone of your article and the following comments are sending a negative message to people about me as a person, a dog owner and a woman.
    Number one, if you have the breed wrong it changes the entire tone of the article. You haven’t interviewed all the witnesses and have included perhaps your opinion of some unverified truths (untruths actually).
    There are obviously sources/witnesses or explanations that have obviously been ignored. Why is that? A senior citizen brought a picnic lunch to share with my friends and I in the park yesterday (Tuesday 7/27/16). She had no problems tracking me down. She went to the park and asked around and then someone came to get me in town.
    You did not make the effort to create a story that was accurate. This article has been copied and distributed to other media outlets. The other newspapers and people have reprinted this as “news” without doing their homework or any investigative journalism.
    This is causing undue hardships and stress.
    What I learned many years ago from the journalist at the Herald was priceless!!! I have carried those skills, guideline, rules , ethics and words into my future life as a friend, daughter, employee, employer and mother. It was drummed into my head that I had a duty- and I truly believed that!! Every single time I wrote I needed to be able to stand behind every word. Unsubstantiated material can be considered slander and I have been slandered throughout your articles and comments.
    Journalists have the duty and privilege to seek and report the truth, encourage civic debate to build our communities, and serve the public interest. Journalists- should be vigorously defending freedom of expression and freedom of the press as guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But when this fails and someone points out the inaccuracies of an article—a journalist should not take up his cross, his own agenda and only print what he likes or wants. Your article makes up the reader’s mind for them.
    I will state here that you have created a article that has a flow and movement of the worst kind. The comments in which you posted are the icing on the cake. The words give your article power, speed and strength to change minds. This article is full of agenda and ONLY supports one side. The comments only support one side and you REFUSE to print any comments that sway any readers to the other side for necessary contemplation. If you open the door for the reader to comment on articles- you should most definitely NOT print only those comments which support your opinion. THIS IS WRONG,
    When I write, I return society’s trust by practicing my love to write responsibly and respecting my fellow-citizens’ rights.
    Ask yourself if all sides of this argument or dispute would agree that their views were represented fairly? If not, the story may show bias.
    Please correct your article. I will be following up in writing. Thank You

    • To the owner of Storm, I bend an olive branch and wish to get your side of the story to set the record straight.
      Please call 250-498-3711 or pop into the Chronicle office for a chat.
      Thank you.

  12. What an all-round catastrophe! First let me say, I’m victim to two dog attacks myself and I know how terrifying this situation was. The first time I was a child and it was my neighbour’s Springer spaniel. Loose and grumpy. The second time, was another dog loose in a front yard and as I rode past on my bike it grabbed my leg. It looked like a chow chow Rottweiler cross? Both situations : OWNER NEGLIGENCE! Do I hate Springer spaniels. No. Mutts? No. Why? Because both times they were under the guidance of irresponsible owners.
    Second, I’d like to point out, this dog was not a Pit-Bull. Did anyone else notice that? I hope so! She was a homeless bitch with a litter under the control of a person who couldn’t take care of her own self. This was a volatile recipe for disaster. The poor dog and the poor humans involved in this incident.
    Will Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) protect people from irresponsible owners? NO!!
    Any dog breed under stress and lacking in dog needs met (mental stimulation, consistency, controlled socialization, routine….) will exhibit undesirable behaviours, the worst of which being bites.
    A counsellor once told me that we can gather evidence for any perspective. You think Pit-Bulls are genetically evil? You’ll find evidence for it. All that hate monger ing is crap and Pit-Bulls are just another dog. You’ll find evidence for that too!
    I don’t want to live in a town where people have to move because they rescued a pit-bull type dog who’s become their family pet, because of a legislation I find comparable to the thought process of Hitler towards Jews. So families keep moving so they don’t have to exterminate their furry friend because each town they uproot to also supports BSL? It’s madness! I’ve seen plenty of non Pit-Bull breeds remain with families after they have done heinous things, but they are okay because they aren’t bully mixes? It’s breed discrimination and I thought our society was better than this. I’m ashamed and disturbed by many of the comments above. I am ashamed my community members have spoken so disgustingly.
    What happens after the pit-bulls are gone? Irresponsible owners will buy other breeds that can inflict just as much damage. Will we ban all those breeds too?
    Some more reading material:



  13. Any breed of dog, cat, whatever will attack to defend their young. When you have an animal with young keeping both confined are the responsible thing to do homeless or not. The dog couldn’t have been that hard to control if passerbys were able to pull the dog away. I am sorry for the lady who was bitten but more sorry for the homeless person who has no home for themself or their animals. Perhaps a shelter for these people could be considered with a fenced spot for pets.