Developer seeks permit for 28-unit complex

Developer seeks permit for 28-unit complex


Oliver Town council is considering a development permit to allow a 28-unit townhouse complex on Spillway Road.

On Monday, council will discuss the proposal that comes with variances reducing the required amount of off-street parking spaces.

Contract planner Chris Garrish reports that many of the units are small (under 700 square feet) and will “respond to demands in the affordable market category.”

Garrish noted a concern about how the development relates to the existing Casa Rio development which defines the character of this residential neighbourhood. He stated the proposal will be very distinct from Casa Rio, particularly in relation to bulk, roof lines, window placement, colours and vehicle parking.

The applicants advise they want to pursue a more contemporary style approach, offering a different building pattern than four-storey apartments.

Landscape enhancements will soften the presence of the new buildings and provide buffering for Casa Rio, according to the report.