Darcie and Jay . . . the love story

Darcie and Jay . . . the love story

Although Darcie Taylor was finding every reason not to fall in love with Jay, she was literally swept off her feet by him at a cousin’s wedding.

By Darcie Taylor

Love has to start somewhere, and ours started like this:

We both received an invitation to our cousin’s wedding for the summer of 2010 in Hinton, Alberta, my home town. At the time I lived in Edmonton with my three children, while he (Jay) lived in Lac La Biche with his three children.

When I arrived I came across his table, our eyes met, I felt a blush over my cheeks and had to catch my breath, fighting  the temptation of his sexy appearance. He was too hot to get involved with, knowing what that could bring with all those other beautiful women he attracted. He was pretty sweet to look at, that’s for sure, but I just didn’t need that kind of relationship.

He spotted me from across the dance floor when I walked into the room, smiling and saying hello to everyone I knew. He watched me make my way closer and closer to him. As soon as we made eye contact he said “Hello, Darcie” as if he knew me and was waiting for my arrival. His smile was captivating, his eyes were piercing, and I instantly hugged him to hide my flushed face. He felt good, and smelled real sweet of cologne.

I pushed away from him as if to say, “nice seeing you, but I am not interested” and I continued saying hello to everyone around us. His smell stuck on my clothes reminding me of his touch. I could feel his eyes follow me as I made my way around.

The night went on. As soon as the music started I was on the dance floor, not really caring who I was dancing with as long as I was dancing. Any time I wasn’t dancing someone would come up to me and talk about him: “He’s single, Darcie, you should go talk to him.” I gave excuses why I wanted nothing to do with him but wondered how many other women were going to try to follow him home.

I danced most of the night away but with each dance I kept thinking one of these times he would come ask me, but he didn’t.

The last dance was announced so I went out looking for him. I found him in a crowd of guys laughing and talking about childhood memories. I grabbed him and said, “This is your last chance to dance with me” and he instantly took my hand and led me to the dance floor. He whispered in my ear that he didn’t know how to dance country, but he grabbed my hip with one hand and my hand with the other and away he went, gliding me across the dance floor like Cinderella.

In that moment I regretted every dance I had that night without him. I was mad at myself for not asking him earlier. Now I knew what it meant to be “swept off my feet.” He made it even harder to fight his temptation of lust. I said “thank you for the dance” and started walking off the dance floor, hoping to push him right out of my mind. But he grabbed my arm and asked if I was heading to the bar for more dancing. I said “no, not tonight, take care,” and away I went.

I was fighting every thought, the what ifs, should-haves and regrets of not having more of what he had to offer. But he was only going to distract everything I was trying to do for myself.

That evening Jay went up to my cousin and asked where he could find me. He showed up at my aunt’s house at 7 am with coffee the next morning. My aunt answered the door with tired eyes and said, “Sorry she’s still sleeping, come back later.” At 9 am there he was again but with no coffee. He apparently sat in his truck waiting for two hours. I was shocked, feeling embarrassed, never having a man court me like this before.    

Instantly my kids liked him. He hung out all day enjoying a hotdog roast and a day in the sunshine. I really enjoyed his company but no way was it going anywhere from here. I was heading back to Edmonton and he was going north. The day came to an end, it was getting late and I still had a four-hour drive back home. I went to hug him goodbye, feeling this is it, I will never see him again. It tore at my heart but I wasn’t going to let it take over.

He had to bend over to hug me, he’s six foot four and I’m five foot seven. I felt a warmth between our chest when we connected and felt his face get closer to mine. But I turned and placed my head on his shoulder; I wasn’t falling for that moment. I felt his arms wrap tight around me and could feel his strength. It was the sweetest hug I’ve ever felt.

For three months I couldn’t get him off my mind. I had to get his attention now. It was now or never. I had to see what this feeling really was. I had to see him one more time.

He was excited to hear from me and we  agreed to meet. I was driving to the middle of nowhere on an October night to see a man I only met once. I had to be at work by 8:30 the next day – what was I thinking?

It was our first kiss, the kind that lifted my right foot up off the ground and the other up on my tippy toes. A feeling rushed over both of us at the same time, exploding as our lips connected. That is how our love affair started.

From that night we spent 11 days straight together and neither one of us missed a day of work.

I quit my government job, left everything I was trying to achieve and accomplish and moved up north to a little town in the middle of nowhere with a man I only knew less than one year and only seen for nine months. It was the biggest risk I ever took, leaving a great job, good pay, and good benefits. But this sexy, hot handsome man wanted me to stay and take care of me forever. I was taking a chance of a lifetime.

I was finally happy.

One year later we got married, with the perfect country cowboy and Indian wedding, with a home-made white leather wedding dress with sunflowers and a teepee. Twelve months after that our son was born and we named him after his parents – JD. If he was a girl he would have been named DJ.

After five years Jay got laid off and we were able to follow another dream together; we sold everything and packed up our camper trailer and our three-year-old son and left Alberta, heading far west to seel new dreams in the BC country.

Today in Oliver we are living in our camping trailer tucked on a cozy beautiful little beach living in the valley of the Okanagan mountains, starting a new beautiful adventure together . . . happily ever after.


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