Couple sleeping in moving van robbed in Kaleden

Couple sleeping in moving van robbed in Kaleden

Police have arrested a 56-year-old Oliver man for assault and uttering threats. A Emergency Response Team was utilized Thursday evening to assist in the arrest. (File photo)

A couple camping near Kaleden got a rude awakening late Tuesday night.

Police in Penticton are investigating a personal robbery occurring overnight on Old Kaleden Road.

At 11:30 p.m., a couple sleeping in a moving van were awoken by a man banging on their widow demanding their valuables, said Cst. James Grandy of the Penticton RCMP.

“The man told the couple he had a gun,” Grandy said. “The couple complied and gave the man their credit cards. The man then smashed the van’s window and punctured two tires before departing.”

The couple was able to seek help from a nearby residence, and the occupants helped call police for them.

The suspect was described as having a dark complexion, brown eyes, 5’10, wearing a balaclava, and may have had an accent. The suspect also had a full-sized black coloured truck.

Anyone having information are encouraged to call the Penticton RCMP, 250-492-4300, or Crime Stoppers, 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).