Country rockers TrailHawk in town tonight

Country rockers TrailHawk in town tonight


TrailerHawk is a country rock band made up of familiar Canadian professionals.

Drummer Don Short was a member of Sons of Freedom. Their producer Colin Linden has worked with The Band, Bob Dylan and Robert Plant. And guitarist Rod Bruno has toured and recorded with Matt Good.

Rod says the sound of TrailerHawk “sits in a genre of music that’s always been dear to my heart. I’ve been waiting for this type of band to come along and present itself, and it happened organically.”

He says the band’s chemistry is one in a million.

“I’ve never played in a band where it just synced up immediately, we hardly go a week without writing a song.”

The band is led by the twangy vocals of Rod’s wife – Carmen Bruno. “She’s a born and bread country singer, been doing it since she took a breath.”

They have their formula down and it doesn’t bend to the pressures of the music industry.

“We do art for art’s sake. Financially it’s not as lucrative, but at least you’re not bound by the old school model, where you have to answer and conform to these parameters in place.”

Rod describes TrailerHawk as a group of oldschool outlaw troubadours.

The typical fan likes a good foot-stomping tune, organic and edgy. “Beer raisers, hell raisers – another side with Carm’s lyrics content seems to appeal even wider than that.”

While there are decades of experience between the members of TrailerHawk, the band only formed recently, having released its first EP in 2017. Their next EP will be called Paid in Full and is coming out in the fall. They’ll be at the Firehall Brewery on July 16. Doors are at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $15.