Council reviews Earle Crescent rehabilitation

Council reviews Earle Crescent rehabilitation


Lyonel Doherty
Oliver Chronicle

Earle Crescent residents may be getting a $761,000 upgrade to their street this year.

That’s what Town council will look at today.

Council will review six options, one of which (option 3) has been recommended by Director of Operations Shawn Goodsell.

Option 3 includes a full rehabilitation while utilizing the existing sidewalk.

Goodsell said the plan is to fully restore the road, creating a one-way street (traffic change for one block). He noted the existing sidewalk will have a utility strip on the side to add more surface width. Goodsell added there will be a safer slope from the sidewalk (between Veterans and Kootenay).

The challenges with rehabilitating the road and sidewalk include: steep slope from sidewalk to road, current parked car doors hitting curb and slope, limited width for road and parking, and virtually no parking on east side.