Council ponders what to do with gas tax money

Council ponders what to do with gas tax money


Lyonel Doherty
Oliver Chronicle

Town council has a nice dilemma on its hands – what to do with a “happy little gift” of $250,000.

Chief Administrative Officer Cathy Cowan said this is a one-time boost in gas tax funding, which council needs to decide what to do with.

She noted there is a proposal in 2021 to expand transit service in our area and Oliver’s cost would be $152,000.

Councillor Petra Veintimilla said she liked the idea of spending the funding on solar (panel) energy projects such as on the fire hall building.

Councillor Larry Schwartzenberger said Airport Road needs upgrading because it is starting to look “tattered.”

Mayor Martin Johansen said he would prefer the funding go towards infrastructure projects such as upgrading Park Drive at Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary School to make it safer for kids.

Engineering consultant Steve Underwood said the project involves a wider road and an extended sidewalk in front of the school. He noted the idea is to have kids walk on the sidewalk to one common (raised) crosswalk, providing them a safer spot to walk after getting out of their parents’ cars.

Councillor Dave Mattes said he was pleased to hear that the road will be widened because he believes it’s too narrow.


  1. A designated vehicle for the fire chief could sure use some of that money. Now would be an excellent time to invest a little of this money on a capital expenditure and one that could certainly be used.