Council highlights

Council highlights

Oliver’s Town council (Lyonel Doherty photo)

Rise and Report – At the March 11th Closed meeting, Council resolved to release the legal opinion regarding the Role of Water Councillors at the Council table. After further discussion, Council will allow Water Councillors to attend open meetings with the jurisdiction to participate in water matters only and remain at the table. Water Councillors will also be extended an invitation to participate in agenda review.

Irrigation & Diversion Start Dates – Council approved the recommendation from staff to start diverting water to fill the canal on April 8th. This will fill the canal and prepare the pumphouses prior to irrigation turn-on Monday, April 15, 2019.

Water Quality Summary Report (February 2019) – Council received the rural water and in-town water systems report. The report notes that the water system operation is in winter mode. In February Oliver had an average Maximum temperature of -0.1◦ C, with an average Minimum temperature of -6.9◦ C. With precipitation recorded at 17.5 mm for February; the normal precipitation from 1981-2010, is 24.9 mm for the month of February according to Environment Canada.

South Okanagan Similkameen Community Foundation – Kim English and Sarah Trudeau outlined what the Community Foundation does and what grants are available for Oliver. In particular, the Neighbor Small Grants of $500.00; apply online by March 29, 2019 at


Zoning Amendment Bylaw – Projections into Required Setbacks Regulations – Council gave first and second reading to Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1380.02 and to proceed to public hearing on April 8th. The amendment will provide clarity on minor architectural features that may project into the prescribed parcel line setbacks of a zone.

Development Permit with Variances – 937 Spillway Road – This DP was deferred from last meeting. The applicant is seeking approval for a form and character (multi-family) development permit to construct a 28-unit townhouse building complex at 937 Spillway. Council approved the Development Permit with Variances which reduces the number of visitor parking spaces required and reduced amenity space.

Non Enforcement (Zoning Bylaw 1380/Business Licence Bylaw 1368) – Pending the outcome of Council’s consideration of amending Zoning Bylaw 1380 with regard to Vacation Rentals – Council will temporarily not enforce Section 3.3.1 of the Zoning Bylaw and Section 32 of the Business Licence Bylaw in relation to 949 Panorama Crescent.

Earle Crescent Rehabilitation – Council directed staff to obtain a full design for the Earle Crescent Rehabilitation project which would include one-way traffic between Veterans and Kootenay Streets, a bumpout and crosswalk at Hillside Street. The tender will be split into two components for funding consideration by Council and staff are to start consultation with neighborhood residents affected by the design.

Air Canada Flight Schedule Change – Council directed staff to prepare a letter to Air Canada supporting the current flight schedule for the purposes of business travel and economic development for the south Okanagan.

Council will provide a letter of support to the RCMP Day Committee for their efforts to move forward with a petition signed by Canadian citizens that will be directed to the Province of BC and the Government of Canada to ultimately acknowledge February 1st as “Royal Canadian Mounted Police Day”.


  1. Still want to know how much of the 9% levy for the policing is being used for the work on Earle Crescent. ? Never did receive an answer to this question