Council adopts sewer tax rates

Council adopts sewer tax rates


Oliver Chronicle staff

The Town of Oliver has adopted amendment bylaws for sewer user and parcel tax rates.

At a recent meeting, Councillor Petra Veintimilla wanted clarification on the rates and what residents are actually paying. 

The annual sewer parcel tax is $109.40, while the flat rate sewer user fee for single or multi-family is $268.35 per dwelling unit.

Director of Operations Shawn Goodsell said sewer user rates represent users who have a sewer connection. But sewer parcel taxes are for residents who have the infrastructure running by their property. They have the ability to easily connect to the service.

Some properties have septic fields, but if they have a sewer line in front of their property, they would pay the parcel tax.

Council previously approved a sewer rate increase of four per cent. A water rate increase of three per cent was also approved.