Cops and (suspected) robbers

Cops and (suspected) robbers


A couple driving a U-Haul through Highway 3 was robbed at gunpoint and locked in the back of the van.

It happened at 4 a.m. on Wednesday morning while they were sleeping in the vehicle at the Yellow Lake rest stop. A gun-wielding man woke them up, demanded money and then took their stuff before locking them up. Fortunately one of the victims still had a cell phone and gave a call to 9-1-1.

Later in the morning, three suspects were located by an RCMP officer and arrested. A fourth suspect, a man from OK Falls, was arrested the following day after officers were alerted to his whereabouts.

“As a result of the investigation, the accused in the robbery on June 20th was arrested at an Okanagan Falls residence, and will appear in BC Provincial Court on July 12th”, said Cst. James Grandy.