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Contribute to the Chronicle

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Are you interested in commenting on something happening in town or responding to an article published in the Chronicle? The Chronicle welcomes letters highlighting readers’ feelings of appreciation towards an individual or group or comments about things they would like to see improved. Submissions must have a name and phone number for verification purposes, but can be published anonymously. Content may be edited for clarity. Send any letters to the editor to

Each week the Chronicle publishes The Fruit & Vine, a compilation of short opinions on local issues that our readers either find as pleasant as sweet cherries or as aggravating as sour grapes. Want to have your two cents included? Send them over to

A whole bucket of SWEET CHERRIES to readers that help us fill out our Fruit & Vine section!

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The Chronicle is always looking for new voices to share their outlook of our community and their experiences that shape it. If you are interested in writing a column, contact Vanessa at

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