Compost siting options remain on the table

Compost siting options remain on the table

Area C director Terry Schafer favours the Oliver Landfill for a regional compost facility. (Lyonel Doherty photo)

By Lyonel Doherty

Oliver Chronicle

The regional district is still wrangling with where to locate a regional compost site, and the two Oliver options are still on the table.

The Oliver Landfill and Senkulmen Business Park are still being discussed.

It was previously suggested by staff that the landfill could host a windrow-type operation. As for a larger regional site, staff said the landfill’s size could not accommodate that.

However, Area C director Terry Schafer favours the landfill for a regional site, saying there should be little impact in the area.

However, some residents have expressed concerns about potential odour and rat problems.

But Cameron Baughen, the regional district’s solid waste management coordinator, said these issues can be managed. He noted that he has visited in-vessel composting facilities (those inside buildings) and these issues are not a problem.

Schafer said the digestion microbes at such a facility would be the only workers that could work around the clock.

“They don’t take lunch or coffee breaks, and are similar to our pets in that they only need food and water and a comfortable environment.”

Schafer pointed out that he previously purchased truckloads of compost from the Oliver Landfill to amend the soil in his garden.

“The odour would gag a maggot when the feedlot was operating, and I don’t recall hearing complaints about that.”

Schafer said the NIMBY (not in my backyard) attitude tends to drive him a bit crazy.

The regional board deferred the matter (once again) to its February 1 committee meeting.


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