Cannings appointed role of critic

Cannings appointed role of critic

MP Richard Cannings talks about government initiatives that are supposed to help workers and businesses during the pandemic. But many Canadians are not eligible. (File photo)

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has appointed local MP Richard Cannings as critic for natural resources and transport.

“It’s a privilege to continue serving in our caucus and I’m very pleased that Jagmeet has trusted me to take on these two important roles,” said Cannings.

“In terms of priorities, we want to make sure that people are set up for success in a low-carbon future,” he stated. “That means we need to ensure that workers aren’t left behind during necessary transitions and proper investments in re-training and job creation in clean energy sectors are being made.”

Cannings’ role as natural resources critic combined with his involvement in transport positions him to be a champion for addressing climate change, according to the party.

Working toward innovative solutions like ensuring energy efficiency in buildings, homes, and public transit are priorities for the new NDP caucus.

During this difficult time for the forest industry, Cannings hopes to promote value-added opportunities that would support both domestic and export markets.

“We recognize that people are worried about the climate crisis, but they’re also concerned about making ends meet and looking after their families.”

Cannings said the NDP wants to ensure that it’s helping everyone build a good life while taking care of the environment for future generations.