Campfire in the hills brings firefighters

Campfire in the hills brings firefighters

Oliver firefighters attended a smoke sighting above Leighton Crescent on Thursday. It was an individual with a campfire, who was soon persuaded to extinguish it. (Photo by Lyonel Doherty)

An individual who was initially uncooperative about putting out his campfire in Oliver changed his mind rather quickly yesterday.

Firefighters were called to a smoke sighting in the hills above Leighton Crescent Thursday afternoon.

No smoke was seen, but Fire Chief Bob Graham suggested a member take a walk to investigate. The member subsequently found somebody with a campfire.

Graham communicated that if the individual put out the fire and agreed not to light another one, then no fine would be issued. However, the member who attended the scene reported the individual didn’t want to comply. But he soon changed his mind after learning that the department was serious, particularly when it was mentioned that more firefighters were asked to attend the scene.